Take your Portable Gas Grill on the next motorcycle camping trip

propane grill

When planning a motorcycle camping trip, packing the right cooking gadgets and appliances can always be a challenge.  With limited storage space and needing the cooking gadgets to be lite weight, a portable gas grill works great on my motorcycle camping adventures.  My most recent motorcycle camping trip was to Bentley’s Saloon in Arundal, Maine, […]

New to using BBQ Smokers

My lady had brought home a Brickmann’s BBQ Smoker that she purchased for $5.00 at a local yard sale. A deal she couldn’t pass up.  Never having used BBQ smokers before, we figured it would be a fun learning experience. After reading the directions that came with it and watching a few video’s on it, […]

Finding Great Cookbooks to Help the Home Chef


 Cooking starts with having the right tools for the right job. Great cookbooks are one of those tools. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced cook, coming up with new ideas to make can be a challenge.  I enjoy the cookbooks that are focused around the food I enjoy and have simple and fun […]

One of the Best Kitchen Gadgets money can buy

  Ziploc Vacuum Sealed Storage Bags are the way to go. As a home chef, I’m always having issues with food spoiling before I use them; both freezing and refrigerating. When cooking my favorites, I will always have half an onion, mushrooms and other items that I can’t use in my recipes. I store the […]