The Best French Toast Recipe


I’ve always loved Cinnamon French Toast. I recently tried a sticky bun at a local restaurant.  It was more like a dessert, very sweet but would make a good Cinnamon French Toast, as it’s served with a breakfast meal. It’s a meal in itself. The sticky bun had a nice vanilla favor and gave me […]

An Awesome
Hungarian Goulash Recipe


One of my favorite comfort meals is Hungarian Goulash. Growing up in a German house hold, mom would make it often. As a toddler, she would give me a pot, pan and a few wooden spoons. Sit me on the kitchen floor and made me believe I was making Goulash. I think mom taught me […]

Breaking in my new
Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker


Breaking in my new Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker. I just received a new Hamilton Beach slow cooker for 10 years of service with my company. A gift I’ve been looking forward to getting. This 6 Qt programmable slow cooker comes with 3 choices for easy, automatic cooking. The Hamilton Beach slow cooker works perfect for my busy […]

Quick and Easy Fried Cabbage Recipe


This is a recipe I use when I have leftover cabbage from making cole slaw or stuffed cabbage rolls (Rouladen Style). The amount of ingredients are an estimate because when I cook, I do it by tasting as I go. I started making this while cooking in the United States Air Force. The usual boiled […]