Homemade Kahlua
A Fun Holiday Treat


 Not only is making homemade kahlua fun, it makes a great holiday gift, especially when trying to figure out what to give as a gifts. My girl, Tertia, makes this every year for the family as gifts and the holiday get togethers.  This is great kalhua recipe for those with a large family. Perfect for […]

What To Do With
The Leftovers, Pierogies!!!


 This recipe came about from the leftovers I had from one of my German meals the other day (Bratwurst and sauerkraut). The leftovers consisted of boiled potatoes and my kicked up sauerkraut recipe. My girl, Tertia, came up with the idea of Pierogies, one of her favorites. Having never tried or made them, I was […]

The Best Bratwusrt and
Sauerkraut Recipe


Winter has set in in New England and with that comes making some of my favorite comfort foods. I recently received an early Christmas gift from mom, via Geiers Sausage Kitchen containing my favorite German food I grew up on  On mom’s last visit, she passed on her bratwurst and sauerkraut recipe. The sauerkraut recipe […]

Pea Soup Recipe
Kicked up with Hot Dogs


One of my favorite comfort foods is pea soup. Growing up in a German house hold, it was one of my favorites. Mom served it often and put sliced hot dogs in it. When I mention it to pea soup lovers, I get the deer in the head light look. While stationed in Germany for […]

Stuffed Turkey Breast
Excellent Slow Cooker Recipe


 Since I’m no longer a slow cooker virgin, I find all slow cooker recipes easy.  Just add ingredients, set it and forget it. I came across a slow cooker recipe for a stuffed turkey breast that inspired me to try something different for Thanksgiving. Wanting to use my Hamilton Beach slow cooker, I figured why […]