How to Make
Homemade Pasta Recipe

KA pasta roller

Whether you’re cooking for 2 to 20 people, a fun way is making homemade pasta. As a home cook, I truly enjoy making pasta. There are so many types and flavors of noodles. Pasta making is a fun way to spend time with family and friends. A nice way to entertain. Everyone seems to participate in one way or another. Be it, helping to roll out the pasta or pouring the wine.20131018_142817

I got inspired to make Fresh Pasta when I was stationed at Ramstein Air Force base in Germany. In the Commissary (Grocery Store) was a small eatery that specialized in making fresh pasta dishes. You could get something to eat before you start your grocery shopping. How many times have we done our grocery shopping on an empty stomach and buy things you do not really need? Being stationed in Europe allowed me to sample many types of food. On a quick road trip to Italy one summer, my wife and I got to try different authentic pasta meals. In one small eatery, we decided to try the Pasta Bolognese. This was a first for us. The sauce was rich and tasty and the pasta was perfectly cooked. To me there is nothing worse than eating over cooked noodles. Our road trips are usually geared to the food at the end. It’s been said that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the ride. For us it’s a little of both. Great food at the end of the journey makes it all worthwhile.20131018_151206

Pasta making is a fun way to have a dinner party; I’m one of those people that need to be in the kitchen. I want to do the rolling and my wife likes to hang the noodles. It’s easier with 2 people to roll the dough through the pasta roller machine. Even though the manual roller works great, using a pasta roller attachment with a mixer makes it so easy. I couldn’t believe how fast it took to make a huge double batch of pasta. From the time we started till we were done was less than an hour. Then we had the pleasure of eating it. There’s nothing better than eating fresh pasta.20131019_204004

For some of my favorite pasta making equipment, check out my store. Making fresh pasta doesn’t need to be difficult with the right tools.