Homemade Kahlua
A Fun Holiday Treat


 Not only is making homemade kahlua fun, it makes a great holiday gift, especially when trying to figure out what to give as a gifts. My girl, Tertia, makes this every year for the family as gifts and the holiday get togethers.  This is great kalhua recipe for those with a large family. Perfect for when you want to give something to everyone.   

 This homemade Kahlua recipe is not that difficult to make, just a little time consuming but can be done over time. If not in a hurry to cool it, you can finish it at your leisure.


Ingredients: I multiply this Kahlua recipe 4 times and will get 5 of these.

1 quart water

2 cups sugar (1/2 cup more or less). It took a few times for my taste.

3 tbls instant coffee, I use Maxwell House

1 tbls vanilla

2 ½ cups vodka


 Mix water, coffee and sugar to a boil, then turn heat down to a simmer for 3 hours (uncovered). When cooled, add vanilla and vodka. I will cool it on the stove or put it in the refrigerator (or snow) to cool if I want to get it done.

 I hope you give this homemade kahlua recipe a try. It makes a nice pudding shot and cream puff also.

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