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20130604_135351 I had never thought of incorporating an under counter wine cooler to my kitchen remodeling project till I made a motorcycle trip to Hardwick Winery, Massachusetts. A local place that is family owned. One of the owners used to work with me as a cook. A very good one. I hated to see him leave but I understand why.
20130604_135326[1] Hardwick Winery offers wine tasting in an upscale barn setting in the hills of Massachusetts. The Winery is a nice place to spend a few hours to take a tour and taste great wine. My favorite is Yankee Girl, not to dry and goes very nice in Sangria. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I always like to keep a few bottles of wine on hand but storing it has been an issue. Like others, I’m sure; I’ve stored it in the cabinet or on top of the refrigerator. Not the best location.  After doing some sampling and buying a few bottles from the Hardwick Winery, I decided to incorporate an under counter wine cooler to my kitchen remodeling project. Not only does it store my favorite wines at the right temperature and humidity level, the under counter wine cooler also adds value to my home.
Avanti 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
Avanti 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Wine should be kept at a consistent temperature. Something that is hard to do in Massachusetts with the temperature and humidity fluctuations.   Storing wine should be right around 55°F, warm temperatures will damage the wine. You want store it at a consistent temperature, the perfect humidity which be between 65-75%. A high humidity level will keep the cork from shrinking and not allow air in. By storing wine on its side, the cork will stay damp. If you think about it, it makes sense. Wine is made from grapes. Fruit will spoil quicker when it’s cut, or crushed in this case. Picture a Pear or Banana when cut or peeled, it starts to spoil. Keeping the air out of the wine will slow the process and make it taste better. Storing it in the refrigerator in an option, but other factors take away from properly storing it there. Heat, light and the vibration of opening and closing the door will also damage the wine. I could store it in the basement but seriously, I want it in the kitchen. Since I don’t have the luxury of having a wine cellar, an under counter wine cooler is the perfect solution.  Friends and family enjoy coming over and seeing what wine is on hand for the day’s activity.  In the summer, it’s making Sangria and barbequing. In the winter it’s usually making fresh pasta with a nice bottle of red wine. Since I have a few bottles of wine delivered monthly.

GoldMedalWineClub.com-Great Wines Delivered-250x25
I needed a wine cooler to store them.
It’s a win, win. I have my wine close by and I’ve added value to my home. If your serious about wine, like entertaining and adding value to your home, I highly recommend an under counter wine cooler.




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