About Me

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 Over the years, I’ve grown into somewhat of a foodie.  I enjoy cooking, riding my motorcycle and passing on fun recipes. As a teenager, I started working in fast food; McDonald’s of course. After high school which included two years food service vocational school, I joined the USAF as a food service specialist (cook). I liked to cook and didn’t want to work at McDonald’s forever’, plus I wasn’t college material at the time.

 Working my way up the ranks in the USAF taught me a lot about the food service industry. Everything from cooking to managing food service operations. Whether I was cooking for 30 people in Alaska, or cooking for 1000’s in the desert, I’ve always enjoyed food service. After earning a Bachelor’s degree and retiring from the USAF after 23 years, I joined a large restaurant company as a restaurant manager, go figure.

 By no means do I consider myself a professional chef. I enjoy the food service profession and cooking at home. I would consider myself a home chef. Taking fun recipes I come across and kicking them up a notch or taking a bike ride for some of my favorites are what I enjoy doing when not working. 

  I like passing on fun recipes for the home chef, whether it’s making my favorites or passing on great food I come across on my motorcycle road trips. All have good memories and like sharing with others.

These are a few of my favorite recipes. I hope you give them a try.

Life is to short not to eat good food.