New to using BBQ Smokers

My lady had brought home a Brickmann’s BBQ Smoker that she purchased for $5.00 at a local yard sale. A deal she couldn’t pass up.


 Never having used BBQ smokers before, we figured it would be a fun learning experience. After reading the directions that came with it and watching a few video’s on it, we decided to give it a try.

 The biggest challenge has been using the right flavored charcoal that burns the longest. Having finally found one, we can now have some fun using our BBQ smoker.


 The first thing we smoked was chicken. Surprisingly it came out very good. Nice and moist.









Next were smoked ribs and finished with BBQ sauce. They pulled away from the bone and were so good.




Tonight will be chicken again, only kicked up a notch. Marinated in a nice Asian recipe.


Anyone that loves to cook should have one of these BBQ Smokers
. I love that I can get stuff done around the house and not have to work hard for great BBQ.


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