Kicked up Beef Rouladen Recipe

Beef Rouladan stuffed Cabbage Roll

A German Beef Rouladan stuffed Cabbage Roll!!!20131006_162118

Growing up in a German house hold, Beef Rouladen was one of my favorites. Mom taught me at an early age and passed her Rouladen recipe on to me. I decided to take her Rouladen recipe and make it my own. Having lived in Germany for 3 years while in the United States Air Force, I got to sample many Rouladen recipes, but mom’s was the best, as it should be. With fall here and winter close, it’s time to break out my Le Creuset Dutch oven. The Dutch oven my mother gave me over 15 years ago. Dutch ovens are perfect to cook your favorite comfort food and they will last a life time.

 20131006_112215 I decided to take the tradition Beef Rouladen recipe and make them into a stuffed cabbage roll. I never cared for what I consider the traditional stuffed cabbage roll with the hamburger, rice and covered with a tomato sauce. However stuffing the cabbage with mom’s Rouladen recipe and simmering in rich brown gravy was something I haven’t seen before.

 20131005_181849Although a little time consuming to make; it’s perfect for a day at home on a cool and rainy fall day. I hope you give it a try and change it up to make it your own. Fun recipes should be shared.

Guten Appetit

This Beef Rouladen recipe makes 4 servings


4 (8oz) pieces top round sliced thin and pounded out if needed

4 dill pickle spares

1 medium onion (½ sliced thin and ½ diced)

1 pkg smoked bacon

Mutard (Dijon preferred)

2 cloves cruched garlic

2 tbls butter

3 beef bouillon cubes

3 pkg McCormick’s

½ pkg sliced mushroom


Salt & Pepper


 Core 1 head of cabbage and par boil in a large pot. When done; separate cabbage leaves and place in a quick ice bath.


 Lay beef slices out and spread a tbls of mustard. At the widest end place 2 slices of bacon, some sliced onions and salt and pepper. Roll Beef Rouladen tightly and tie with butcher twine. Set aside.


 Dice 4 slices of bacon and cook in a Dutch oven, before crisp, add a ½ cup diced onion and a little butter. Saute for a minute. Add beef rolls and braise in bacon and onion mixture. When done, take Rouladen out of Dutch oven
to rest, leaving bacon and onion mixture.

On low heat, melt a little butter in the bacon and onion mixture. Add a couple tbls flour and make roux. Cook for a few minutes stirring while it cooks. When done, add a couple cups warm water and 3 bouillon cubes and simmer. Salt and pepper to taste. I keep it on the thin side and thicken later with McCormick’s gravy mix.

 20131006_112554While gravy simmers, cut twine off Beef Rouladen and wrap with cabbage leaves. Tie up with butcher twine again; I use 3 pieces per Rouladen. Drop beef rolls in gravy and simmer for about 1 ½ hours. Add mushrooms about 30 minutes before done. Pull cabbage out and thicken gravy using gravy packets, (tip, do 1 pkg at a time, blend gravy mix with a few tbls warm water and drizzle in gravy mix till you get consistency you’re looking for). Add salt & pepper to taste. I added a little pickle juice to give it a little more zing.

  The gravy works well with red cabbage and potatoes as a side.

  Winter will be here before we know it. Dutch ovens make the perfect comfort meals. Hope you try mom’s Beef Rouladen reipe, kicked up a notch. Next will be her homemade Pea Soup and Hungarian Goulash recipe. Nice recipes to make with my Le Creuset Dutch oven on a snowy winter day.

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