How to make Great Thin Crust Pizza

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As much as I love Pasta, Pizza is also one of my favorite things to eat. Pepes Pizza in New Haven , CT was featured on one of the shows on the Food Net Work. My girl (Tertia) and I were planning on seeing the band Tesla on Valentine’s Day at Toads Place in New Haven. The thin crust pizza looked so good we needed to include Pepes Pizza in our road trip. I love a pie made in an oven that puts my thin crust pizza dough recipe over the top. Pepes Pizza makes theirs in a coal fire pizza oven. I’ve only tried those made in a wood fire pizza oven.


We decided to make a day of it. Tertia and I headed to the beach for some sea air. It’s nice even in February. Finding our way to Pepes Pizza was easy and it was close to Toads Place. Walking in, we could tell it was a local place. Once you walk in, it smelt so good we couldn’t leave. The menu was pretty easy. Your options are the toppings you want on your pie and what kind of salad. We decided to have one of each. We had a sausage, mushroom and onion pizza, large of course and a house salad. It’s so true that when you do something well, don’t change it. I would love to make a thin crust pizza at home. I have a pizza stone, but it does not taste like it came out of a coal or wood fire pizza oven.


Now that we’re stuffed, it’s time to make our way to see Tesla at Toads Place. We had some time to kill so we found a local bar to pass the time. Tertia and I had such a good time. Located on what seemed to be the Yale University Campus; the place had a local feel. It made me think of Cheers. The people were very friendly, down to earth and well educated.

What really made our visit was when the bartender placed heart shaped brownies and cupcakes on the bar for everyone. A nice way to end our stay, it was time to see Tesla. I think as we get older, we find things that remind us of our youth. For me, it’s food and music. Throw a motorcycle in there and I feel 21 again. They played my favorites which included “What You Give”.  What a show.

The hour and a half ride home went quick. Thinking about the show and thin crust pizza dough recipe at Pepes made me want to duplicate their recipe. I have a great dough recipe but I doubt I would get a coal fire pizza oven, although a wood fire pizza oven might be possible. After doing a little searching on the internet, I found an
Enforno Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker
Enforno Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker
Wanting to do some smoking anyway, it’s a win,win. Or if your planning on putting together your own outdoor cooking area, you can build your own pizza oven. A nice addition to your barbeque area. A great and fun way to entertain.

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