An Awesome
Hungarian Goulash Recipe


One of my favorite comfort meals is Hungarian Goulash. Growing up in a German house hold, mom would make it often. As a toddler, she would give me a pot, pan and a few wooden spoons. Sit me on the kitchen floor and made me believe I was making Goulash. I think mom taught me well with this Hungarian Goulash recipe. It’s changed over time but still brings back memories.

 I’m not good with exact recipe measurements. I adjust the amounts based on taste. I’ve looked at many Hungarian Goulash recipes to get different ideas to include with what mom taught me.


2 lbs diced beef

½ lb diced bacon

½ diced medium onion

2 cloves diced garlic

Salt and Pepper

Garlic powder

2 Beef Bouillon cubes

A good Paprika (a couple of tbls)

2 pkg’s McCormick’s Mushroom gravy

1, 16oz pkg sliced mushrooms

A little W/O sauce (Worchester sauce)



In a pot, Sauté bacon for a few minutes, then add diced onions. Sauté for a few minutes more and toss in the garlic and spices. Brown beef in bacon mixture. Cover with water and simmer for an hour, or until tender; tasting as you go.

 When beef is close to being tender, add mushroom. Simmer till beef is tender. Dilute gravy mix in warm water to make a thin paste and add to beef to thicken.  Adjusting the seasoning as you go.  I also threw in a little pickle juice to give it a kick.  The longer you simmer, the better it gets. A good set of cookware always helps to cook it low and slow.

I usually like serving it with boiled potatoes and Red Cabbage. I decided to try it with roasted garlic mashed potatoes instead of boiled potatoes. Just the smell of bacon, onions and garlic makes me hungry. Everyone has a different recipe for goulash. If not, check a few out and make it your own.


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Hungarian Goulash Recipe

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