Where to Get Great Lobster Ravioli

Lobster Ravioli

I’m always looking for great pasta meals to prepare. I get inspired from watching the Food Network channel.  One of my favorite shows is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. On one of the episodes they featured a restaurant in East Boston called Rino’s. A small family place where pasta is the featured ingredient and everything is fresh. What really got my attention was their Lobster Ravioli in a cream sauce that was as big as your fist. It looked so good that my wife and I had to make the 2 hour drive.

  Like I said, a small family place. When they are on a wait, Rino’s has a nice bar across the street to have a drink while you wait. Just give them your cell number and they will call when your table is ready. Once seated, it was a culinary delight. Seeing pasta being served to other guests and the smell coming from the kitchen made our mouths drool. We could watch them rolling out the fresh pasta just like it was filmed on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It was a show watching them using their pasta roller machine.20121120_134701

    We knew what we wanted before we sat down. Thinking about the Lobster Ravioli on the 2 hour road trip made us want it even more. Of course we had to order something else. A couple sitting next to us got a Veal, Chicken and Shrimp entrée in an awesome cream sauce with fresh pasta. We had to try that also. We made the right decision.  Absolutely delicious; it’s no wonder that Rino’s is always packed and they were doing it from a kitchen that is no bigger than the one you have in your home. If ever planning a trip to Boston, Massachusetts. I highly recommend you check out Rino’s in East Boston.20121120_141813Sense then, I’ve been experimenting with my own Lobster Ravioli recipe. http://funrecipeblog.com/recipes/lobster-ravioli/ Living in New England has its advantages when looking for fresh seafood. A few times a year my wife and I will do a motorcycle camping trip to Bentley’s Saloon in Arundel, Maine. A fun place that caters to the Motorcycle enthusiast. They offer great food and a camp ground located on the property. You would think we ate enough Seafood to satisfy us for a while, but on the way back we will stop and pick up a few Maine Lobsters and fresh shrimp for Lobster Ravioli. It makes for a nice meal at home to end our trip.

 For those land locked Seafood lovers, you can have the Seafood delivered to make your own Lobster Ravioli.

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