Meal Plans
Make Life Easier

Whether you’re watching what you eat or have a busy schedule, a meal plan can help for both. Having a plan can also help you budget your money and save you time. It’s not so much the writing of meal plans; it’s making the grocery list and doing the shopping that takes time.

 In a prior life as a food service manager in the USAF, I would write a rotating 5 week lunch and dinner meal plan to feed 100’s of people a day. Once written, the tedious task of making a grocery list to support the meal plan had to be done. I wish I had a program that would have done the work for me. The only plus is that the food was delivered, but sometimes not all of it. Thank goodness for always having a good supply of dehydrated rations on hand to make up for those food shortages.


 I keep these on hand at home in case of emergencies. It came in handy during a 7 day power outage. My experience has helped with my home meal plans. I can choose a meal plan, have a grocery list prepared and even have the ingredients delivered. It’s getting to the point where we don’t even have to go to the store ever again. I do like having a grocery list prepared based on the meal plans I choose. It makes taking inventory easy and shopping faster. Sticking with the list also helps me NOT spend more money on the things I don’t really need, as long as I don’t go in hungry. When I plan my meals, I look for the specials and think about left overs.

With the holidays over, we indulged in those things we shouldn’t have had/or ate too much of. Incorporating healthy food recipes in our meal plans can help get us honor those new year resolutions. Some meal plans allow for those not so healthy food recipes. It’s not about what we eat; it’s about how much we eat. We can have our favorites, only not as much of them.




These also make excellent gifts for any occasion.



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