Fleisch Salad
A German Meat Salad

German Meat Salad

A German meat salad has always been one of those fun recipes I make to bring back good memories. Growing up, mom would always have fleisch salad in the refrigerator. Meat salad is a very simple recipe made with as little or as many types of meat you want. Mom said it originated from the butchers in Germany taking the left over meats from the day and making a meat salad with it.

Mom used to take me with her to the butcher for meat salad, bakery for fresh Brotchen and the local store for her grocery needs. We went about every other day. After being stationed in Germany as an adult; it made sense as to why we went shopping so often.

An apartment I rented in a small town of Machenback came with a nice kitchen but small refrigerator and hardly any freezer space. I had to grocery shop often. It’s no wonder why the food always tasted better, It was always fresh.


I use three types of meat in my meat salad. As I said, you can use as little or as many types as you want. I hope you give it a try.




1/2 LB German Bologna

1/2 LB Genoa Salami

1/2 LB Boiled Ham

3 or 4 Dill Pickle Spears

5 Hard boiled eggs

4 or 5 large tbls Mayonnaise (to taste)

DIRECTIONS: A fun recipe shouldn’t be difficult.

Slice meat into strips, dice dill pickle and eggs. Mix in a bowl with mayonnaise to taste. It’s just to easy. I like my meat salad on a hard seedless rye bread.

This fun recipe is perfect with a cup of coffee for breakfast or with a beer for that late night snack.

Guten Appetit !!!






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