Kicked-Up Oreo Cookie Balls

Oreo Cookie Balls

I was on the internet the other day searching for some sweet recipes and wanting to break out my kitchen appliances. I came across a recipe for Cranberry Toffee Walnut Cake Balls. It inspired me to kick-up my original Oreo cookie ball recipe.

Seeing the picture reminded me of a cookie ball recipe I got from Dwight, a co-worker of mine. He’s another foodie that’s fun bouncing recipe ideas off of. I enjoy coming across recipes and putting my own little twist on them. From the cake ball recipe, I came up with a kicked-up Oreo ball. A treat for adults. Leave the cherries out for the kids.20130926_144202




This recipe makes 14 to 18 balls.


1 package Oreo Cookies (16 oz)

1 box Cream Cheese (8 oz)

16 oz Milk Chocolate Chips

1 jar Cherries (10 oz)

151 Rum

Shredded Coconut


Drain cherry juice from jars and add rum till covered. Let sit for at least a day. The longer they sit the better they get. Nice to have on hand for those holiday get togethers.


In your mixer, crush Oreo’s using the paddle attachment. When done, add cream cheese and mix till combined. Using a #30 scoop, roll into balls placing a cherry in the center. Place in freezer for about 15 minutes so the cream cheese can firm up.


While the treats are firming up, breakout the double boiler. I’ve learned not to rush the melting of chocolate. Take it slow. When chocolate is melted, take treats out of freezer and roll in chocolate. Place on a sheet pan and sprinkle with coconut while chocolate in warm.

These are fun holiday treats.

 Next I want to add my pudding shot recipe, made with Café’ Patron Tequila, to the top of a nice cheese cake. I think it will also work well in a Black Forest cake. Using it in the layers and using the cherry rum instead of Kirsch. Maybe for Thanksgiving.

I always enjoy a reason to break out the kitchen-aid. It makes cooking even more enjoyable. I think every kitchen should have one of these kitchen appliances.

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