Pea Soup Recipe
Kicked up with Hot Dogs


One of my favorite comfort foods is pea soup. Growing up in a German house hold, it was one of my favorites. Mom served it often and put sliced hot dogs in it. When I mention it to pea soup lovers, I get the deer in the head light look.


While stationed in Germany for a few years, I had the opportunity to have it often. Good memories of a VolksMarsch. I did only the ones that offered beer mugs as an incentive. The cost was minimal. I collected a nice set of mugs. My favorite is the one that comes with a shot glass.

After the 5K hike through the woods, I would collected my prize, get some beer and feast on the food. The pea soup was always available and served with a Wurstchen (German Hotdog) and Brotchen (German roll). The Brats with curry ketchup was also one of my favorites.


 I look forward to the holidays. Mom always sends me a care package with my favorites from Geirers Sausage Kitcken; Hot dogs, Brats and the best Fleisch salad (meat salad) along with all the extras. I’m good for a year. The hotdogs work well in any pea soup recipe; the perfect comfort food for those cold winter nights and reminds me of Germany. This is something every pea soup lover should try. Even if it’s a can of Campbell’s Pea Soup, add hot dogs


½ pkg bacon (diced)

½ diced onion

4 medium diced carrots

1 smoked ham steak (maybe 8 oz), diced

Salt, pepper and garlic powder

1 tbls butter

ham base


2 (1 lb pkgs) split green peas (not soaked)

1 – 2 diced or shredded potatoes if wanted to help thicken.

1 pkg hot dogs


In a large pot, fry bacon till crisp. Add butter, onion, carrot and ham, some salt and pepper too; sauté for a few minutes. Add water (Start with a 3 – 3 1/2 quarts water), peas and a couple tbls ham base. Cover and simmer till thickened, (about 1 1/2 to 2 hours), may need to add more water, ham base and seasoning to taste.  I have added diced or shredded potato’s to help thicken if need; when done and seasoned to taste and add sliced hot dogs to heat through.


Like I said, Geiers Sausage Kitchen has the best Fleisch Salad.  Next on the menu is Bratwurst with kicked up with mom’s sauerkraut recipe and boiled potatoes, or maybe Curry Wurst.

20131207_212739 Anyone that likes German food should check Geiers out. Getting ready to send my son a package. He wants Bratwurst and meat salad.

 I’m not affiliated with Geiers Sausage Kitchen, just like passing on a good product for foodies that enjoy German food or something different.

Guten Appetite

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