Great Hot Dog Sauce Recipe


1 medium chopped onion
1 lb ground beef
2 cup water
½ cup tomato paste
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp chilli powder
½ tsp cumin
½ tsp allspice
¼ tsp ground cloves
1 clove crushed garlic
½ tsp curry powder
2 beef base cubes
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Add all ingredients to your crock pot. Break up ground beef and incorporated all ingredients. Set the Crock Pot to medium for 1 hour then low for an hour. Taste and adjust seasoning for personal taste. It doesn’t get any easier than that. To finish it, I like to puree’ it with a blender.

The following kitchen tools were used in the creation of this recipe.


Kalorik 3.5 Qt Slow Cooker - Stainless Steel and Black
Kalorik 3.5 Qt Slow Cooker – Stainless Steel and Black

Black & Decker Cyclone Blender
Black & Decker Cyclone Blender






2 thoughts on “Great Hot Dog Sauce Recipe

  1. Grew up near New Way Lunch and been there many times and we also crave that wonderful hotdog sauce.
    We made your recipe today and love it! We wondered what we might have done wrong because although the flavor is spot on, the level of flavor is somewhat muted. For now I think adding a little bit more of each spice, in a proportionate amount according to your recipe, will do the trick. Thanks for the fantastic recipe, and all the work that went into getting it just right!

  2. My mom swears her dad told her they make the sauce with chicken liver not hamburger meat. Me-I’m making this version and can’t wait to taste it tomorrow after leaving it to marinate over night…!thank u

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