Spaghetti and Meatball Recipe


Spaghetti and Meat Balls is on of my favorites. When I have the time I like getting the mixer out and making fresh pasta served with pasta sauce and home made Italian style meat balls. 20131018_141859





I came across a stuffed meat ball recipe that made me hungry and thought I can do that. As you will see, they make a good grinder also.20131007_160844

When I go to a new restaurant and they have it on the menu, I will more than likely  try it; or at the very least, try a side of meatballs.  I enjoy my pasta Al Dente, it doesn’t need to be fresh pasta, just cooked right. As for the meat ball, I want it home made and not more bread than meat. I find myself comparing other spaghetti and meatball recipes to my own. Some come close. I hope you give this a try.

Ingredients: Makes about 40, 1” meatballs

  • ½ LB Ground Beef
  • ½ LB Ground Veal
  • ½ LB Italian Sausage, hot if you want a little kick
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups Italian Style Bread Crumbs
  • 2 cups Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 cup chopped fresh Italian Parsley
  • 1 tbs fresh chopped Thyme
  • 1 tbs oregano
  • 1 tbs Fresh chopped Basil
  • 2 tbs Olive Oil,(evoo)
  • 2 tbs Garlic Powder
  • ½ finely chopped or grated onion
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • fresh pasta if possible
  • 2 Jars of my favorite pasta sauce, Tuttorosso.


Combine ingredients in a large bowl and mix together. If too wet, add more Parmesan Cheese or bread crumbs. If too dry, add a little more evoo. Blend together till ingredients are well incorporated. Roll out meatballs placing a small mozzarella ball in the center and set aside. I personally like them about 1”, they cook faster. You can cook them a few ways. One is in a skillet or can bake in oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. A third way is to drop them right into your sauce, but makes sauce a little to greasy for me; especially since I use raw Italian Sausage in my sauce. I prefer the oven method but don’t get the same texture as in a skillet. I found a kitchen appliance that can do both. No mess and gives me the texture.


When meatballs are done, simmer in your favorite tomato sauce. I kicked it up a notch by adding mozzarella cheese to the center. They make excellent meatball grinders.20131007_211751

This has been a work in progress. Friends and family love my Spaghetti and Meatball recipe, they request it when I invite them over for dinner. I even put them to work making fresh pasta. I figure I have the KitchenAid Pasta Roller Mixer Attachment, I might as well use it.

Even though I can make great Italian Style Meatballs at home, I still compare them to the ones served when I go out to dinner. Every now and then I will find a restaurant that makes great Italian Style Meatballs.
Again, if you like Italian and enjoy cooking, I hope you give this recipe a try. Play with it and make it your own.

The following kitchen tools were used in the creation of this recipe.

The Meatball Shop Cookbook

Sensio Bella 13587 Meatball Maker, Red




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