Challenges of a
Restaurant Manager

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Whether you want to open your own restaurant, already own one or work as a corporate restaurant manager, we all have the same challenges when it comes to driving sales and making a profit. 

 They’re so many aspects that make a restaurant and restaurant manager successful. A good concept and quality food are just a small piece for a successful restaurant. A great restaurant manager knows they can’t do it on their own.

 For those starting a new business or wanting to take it to the next level; software designed for a restaurant provide a comprehensive list of tools to help restaurant managers and owners help themselves. These tools include; restaurant marketing promotions and marketing ideas to help grow sales as well as a full selection of other restaurant management tools.

 The days of hand writing schedules, manually costing out recipes and tracking food, labor and supply costs the tedious way have long since passed. All of which I have done. I Still remember manually preparing and writing a food order that had to last 3 months while in the USAF; based on a 5 week menu and 4 meals a day for 800 troops. It was a good learning experience. It was a pleasure to enter the civilian world and find these software programs to help.

 The best restaurants are the ones that can drive sales and has the ability to satisfy the guest with quality food and great service while controlling their controllable’s such as labor, food, supplies and those other unforeseen expenditures. These software programs allow the manager to spend time on the floor, coaching their employees and ensuring the guests are being taken care of.

  The best restaurants are staffed with quality people. Staffing the restaurant with quality people is one of the most important parts of driving sales and managing a successful operation. When scheduling, I do it based on sales projections. It is very difficult to write a schedule without enough staff.

 As a restaurant manager, finding right people is always a challenge. If they don’t have a positive attitude, don’t smile or move slowly, they may not be the right person for the job. I’m looking for people that want to satisfy the guest and will be an asset to the team. 

 In my eyes, the guest is not always right but they are #1. Without them, we might as well close the doors. Everyone in the restaurant works for the guest. Life will get easier by continued coaching and mentoring the staff along with software programs.

  Listed are a few software programs and E-books that may help with the challenges of a restaurant manager and become the best restaurant in town.

Hope it helps.

Restaurant Management tool kit

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 How to improve Restaurant Dining Room Service

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How to Start a Restaurant Following a Profitable System

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Restaurant Waiters Training Guide

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