What To Do With
The Leftovers, Pierogies!!!


 This recipe came about from the leftovers I had from one of my German meals the other day (Bratwurst and sauerkraut). The leftovers consisted of boiled potatoes and my kicked up sauerkraut recipe. My girl, Tertia, came up with the idea of Pierogies, one of her favorites. Having never tried or made them, I was up for a challenge with Tertia being my taste tester.20131215_17101020131215_152927


I wanted to use the potatoes in the dough and stuff it with the sauerkraut. Like I said, I never made it before and came across a potato dough recipe that worked well. http://easteuropeanfood.about.com/od/pierogidoughs/r/PotPierogiDough.htm20131215_191748

A lot of recipes suggested serving the Pierogie with sour cream but I was using a sauerkraut filling and wanted to stick to it. I liked mine browned and toss in the leftover kraut till hot. Tertia gave me a thumbs up. She said it’s the best Pierogies she’s ever had and not bad for a Pierogie virgin. Her eating 12 of them proved it.

Sometimes the best meals are made with the leftovers and items we have in the cabinet.

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